Spirituality means waking up!

The human being is trying to define its own identity by concepts, and by that, alianates itself from its own true essence. Humanity has thereby lost itself within a conceptual illusion and from that, all conflict arises.

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What I just described is what we call an ego identity, and the ego identity is an illusion that consists of concepts and words. This spiritual sharing assist you in waking up from this conceptual dreamworld.

Language is made of words and concepts, and since childhood you have been programmed with concepts, and you have been indoctrinated into the culture that is prevalent in the geographic area in which you have happen to come into being.

This was not done in bad spirit, and it was not meant to deceive you, it was merely a result of an evolutionary calamity.

However, here you are, and you are most likely lost within this cultural narrative, and chances are, that you are suffering.

Suffering from the consequences of being out of direct contact with your true essence.

Waking up, is waking up out of the conceptual dream, and back into your true essence.

Waking up is a direct recognition of your own true essence.

The path that is offered here, is dismantling the hypnotic effect that words and concepts have on you and by that coming to understand what has happened to you, and why the world looks as it does.

Then by meditation we are falling into stillness, by becoming silent, the mind gets a chance to rediscover its own true nature.

This we call Awakening, and it is a dawning that happens. A quirt a-ha or a loud hallelujah!

From then on, the mind will untangle itself from the psychological chains of an egoic conceptual self, and the mind will learn by skillful means how to use language and concepts as tools.

This is the end of conflict, within and without.

It is a journey of a lifetime, and it is the only journey worth taking.

The spiritual teachings that are offered here, serves as a guide on this journey.

If you resonate with this sharing you are welcome to join in, and if you do not resonate, you are still welcome to join in.

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Welcome aboard.

Sincerely Yours

Hans Christian Lundholm.

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Spirituality means waking up

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