Rest Relax Release A Guided Meditation

Welcome to meditation Before we start, I will first demonstrate a little technical feature, if we can call it that.

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It is a paradoxical non-doing doing that almost all of my meditations will strat with.

We will make use of gravity, so you will have to sit up straight.

Then breathe gently in, deep down in the belly.

On the outbreath we simply relax and let the air flow out on its own accord.

One more time, and pay attention to the outbreath that is a relaxation of the entire body, and that the shoulders and arms are pulled down by gravity.

Don’t try to be perfect.

Perfect is irrelevant. Just relax.

The rhythm will eventually find its own way.

Now close your eyes.

We are going to spend some time together just relaxing.

We have no other purpose.

Breath in deep down in the belly.

Relax and let the shoulders sink towards the floor by the force of gravity.

Breath in – and relax.

Breath in – and relax.

Now every time you relax, you release all effort.

Just be.

We exist – we are.

Rest – Relax – Release.

Rest – Relax – Release.

Rest – Relax – Release.

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