Non-profit organisation

The organisation's full name is: Hans Christian Lundholm Non-profit Organisation.

Non-profit organisation for all teaching activities by Hans Christian Lundholm. Name in the short version and everyday speech is just the HCL-org (organisation).

The organisation supports the teachings of Hans Christian Lundholm to make it available to anyone who resonates with the message. This non-profit organisation is solely for this purpose.

The purpose of the organisation is:

  • To aid with the work associated with the teachings of Hans Christian Lundholm's existing and future written articles, books, sound recordings and videos. This is done primarily through the operation of the danish website and the international website and all associated social media accounts.

The organisation is so-called non-profit. This means that the organisation does not intend to run a business that will generate a profit.


Anyone who has the will, as well as the opportunity to work for the organisation's purposes, can be admitted as a member.

Registration can be done by writing to the current board with a clear indication of why membership is desired. The board decides whether membership is granted based on a consideration of relevance, as well as whether additional members are needed to be able to fulfill the organisation's purpose.

Membership of the organisation is quota-free.

Support members

Support members are those who either through donation or by paying for services offered via the website or via affiliated websites or social media platforms.

A support membership has a duration of 12 months from the moment the donation or benefit is paid.

Support members have no voting or attendance at the general meeting.

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Contact the Organisation

The board can be contacted via

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