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2024-03-16 is live!
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I am reevaluating my decision not to do online Group meetings. I might change my mind again.
But I would like to do it otherwise that what is commonly done by other teachers.
Trying to unleash my imagination.
Interesting if something different comes up.


I have been contemplating what it is that I am doing, in this sharing.
And I have come to the conclusion that I am, once again, spreading my activities way too much.
This is a habit I have had all my life.
So back to basics.
This means that I am going to drop the one-on-one meetings. They tend to be more like coaching sessions, and I do not like to do that.
I will also not be offering online group meetings as previously announced.
I enjoy producing the videos on youtube, and that is what I am going to prioritize.
I have some ideas on how to improve these videos even more, and that I will be focusing on.
That’s all.
Take care my friends.


Hi all.
I am in the process of making the final touches to a book that I will be releasing in august.
Learn more about the upcoming book: A Different Kind of Knowing


I am taking a break from publishing new youtube videos.
I will be back in the end of july with new videos, and announcements of new projects.
Until then.


Some updates.
On live meditations
This sunday, I will be doing a live guided meditation.
This will be the last live broadcast for now.
I have noticed that the number of viewers during the live transmission is relatively low, compared to the amount of views the video gain the following 48 hours.
I suspect that it is due to the time difference around the world, which makes live broadcasting irrellevant.
Instead I will record the guided meditations, and release them like every other video.
On the video series: Enlightenment Stories
I enjoy sharing these short videos, where I record some old wisdom from ancient masters.
However, the point of these videos does not seem to come across clearly, so I have decided to expand the videos, by me talking shortly about what the basic wisdom are, that are hiding within each of these stories.
The series will be renamed to: Learn From Ancient Masters.

That's it for now. Stay tuned.


Dear Friends
Join me for an online live meditation on sunday april 2nd.
Live meditations wild be held every fortnight from now on.
Join on my website.
Join on YouTube.


Dear Friends
My new website for showcasing my art is now online.
You can find it here:


Dear Friends
It is almost 4 month since I started my YouTube channel, and I feel that my sharing has been well received, so I am pretty sure that I will continue making new videos.
I have a small list of subjects that I have been asked to talk about, and these will be the topics for upcoming videos.
The topics include the following: - Free will - Fear and anxiety - Relationships - Doubt - Reincarnation - If consciousness is one, why can't I "read" other people's thoughts?
That's basically it.
Take care until then.


A support page has been made.

If you want to support this sharing, you can read about it on the support page.


A decision has been made to prioritize the new YouTube channel, and to stop using Facebook and Instagram.

I do not sympathize with the way these companies run their social platforms. YouTube is not perfect either, but it is less imperfect than the to before mentioned.

Both my Facebook page and my Instagram profile has been deleted.


We are fully operational across this website, Youtube.

Looking forward to do some non-dual sharing.


Today my new YouTube channel is online!

And you can already watch two brand new videos. You can find the new Youtube channel here.


The page about art and creativity is now online. Art and creativity.

We are very near the point of going live with the entire site.


We have set a preliminary date for full online operation.

We aim at september 1st 2022, when everything will be online on this website and associated social media pages.

Stay tuned.


Some written articles are now online under the "Essays" section.

The about page has been written.

Everything seems to come together by its own accord.


This website is under construction.