Guidet Meditation A Foundational How-To and FAQ

This is a short introduction to the upcoming guided meditations. I will soon start to record new guided meditations, and you will be able to find them on my YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe on YouTube.

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What is meditation?

The kind of meditation that I am offering, is a non-doing meditation. That means that they are simply just periods of deep relaxation of the body and the mind.

Why meditate?

The mind is a densely packed conglomeration of habitual thinking. Thinking simply just happens. If you are not aware of this, you will become aware of it when you start to meditate.

Picture yourself a glasjar filled with water and sand. Now shake it , and keep shaking it. In a matter of seconds, you will not be able to see through the water. The sand has stirred up, and the vision has been obscured.

This is a perfect illustration of the normal human mind.

Habitual thinking is obscuring a clear vision of existence and of yourself.

So that is why we meditate. In meditation we put down the jar on a table, so to speak, and we allow the sand to settle down at the bottom. In this metaphor it reasables letting the mind have a break, so we again can regain a clear vision of existence and of ourselves.

Why is meditation sometimes difficult?

There are primarily two reasons.

Firstly, it can sometimes seem to be difficult. That is because of the habitual thought patterns. The mind is caught in the habit of thinking. Mostly the mind thinks about other thoughts that thinks about other thoughts and so on.

This habitual pattern has a momentum to itself, and you cannot control it. It has to be calmed down, by just simply sitting still.

Be aware that the most beneficial meditations are the ones that seem hard to get through!

Round up

The human mind is caught up in its own narrative. It is an ongoing internal storyteller. It is commenting on everything, evaluating and trying to foresee every possible situation that it could end up in.

This is a useless energy use and frustrating to experience, but because it is so widespread very few people are actually aware of this fact.

The only way out of this madness is to relax the impulse and to become aware of how it automatically unfolds in oneself.

That is what we do in meditation.

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