About Hans Christian Lundholm.

Dear friend. Welcome.

This is the story about me.

I live in the northernmost part of Denmark. Besides a few years, I have always been living in this marvelous place. I was born in 1965, and I am married and have one daughter.

The life that I have lived resamples in many ways a typical ordinary western life. Up until november 2008 I was your typical businessman, with my own company doing programming and professional photography.

The story about me

In a traditional understanding I was actually quite successful in business, but I was never satisfied, at least not for very long. Something was always missing, and I hadden a clue to what it was.

So I did what most other businessmen do, I just tried harder and harder. What I at that time did not knew was that I had a "hole" in my soul and that no amount of "success" would ever be able to fill this hole up.

I was an atheist and I was extremely practical about everything.

Over the years the hole in my soul just kept growing larger, and I went through all the usual ways to try and anesthetize this pain, but nothing really worked.

That was all until one beautiful evening in late november 2008. I was wandering restless around in my house, battling the urge within me to reach out for a bottle of wine which at that time was my favorite anesthetic.

I was an atheist and I was extremely practical about everything.

On my way to the kitchen I passed a bookshelf, and a book that I had bought several years earlier, was sort of asking me to pick it up. So I did and went in to my bedroom, and sat down on the bed and startet reading.

What happened next I can only describe as a miracle. I had read the book before, but I had never understood what it was pointing at. Now all of a sudden, everything was crystal clear.

In the next few hours, whilst reading the book, I was reborn as a human being, and eventually I fell asleep and I slept as a little baby. From then on, everything changed. I sold my business, and for the next couple of years, I was walking in the forest and at the beach. Talking to the trees and the waves.

I was seeing everything with a fresh and undistorted vision. I had returned home but at the same time, a new journey had started. Unraveling the mystery of my own existence.

What happened next I can only describe as a miracle

After some years I started sharing my seeing to a danish audience which I have been doing since, but during the pandemic I felt a strong pull towards starting to share to a much broader audience, and that is why I have made this international website.

This is roughly the story about HC and how it all unfolds from here, I do not know, I just dance along, and then we will se what will happen.

If you resonate with any of my sharings, you are very welcome to join in. Please do consider to subscribe to my newsletter, you can always unsub again, and I will not share your data with anyone.

Btw. since the awakening in 2008 I have also discovered that I am an artist - well in some sense we all are - anyway, I will share my art also, not only the paintings, but also the healing effect that lies within any artform. More to follow later on this.